Fun dog photoshoot ideas to inspire you

Doggy Expressions

Here are some fun dog photoshoot ideas to inspire you for your session.

A fun and cute expression can make an image and also remind us of all our dog’s little quirks.

Some times you get surprised what your dog is really like when trying to solve a problem.

How can you not laugh at some of theses faces!

Long Tongues

Dogs get very hot quickly in the summer, and the dog’s tongue comes out to cool them down. During a photoshoot dog usually get excited, so many new things to smell and tasty treats to be had. After a while, the tongue will make an appearance. Some of these tongues are long! And very cute. For the very chilled dogs, a dab of honey or peanut butter on the nose will do the trick as well and make it possible to get a fun shoot!

Bubbles & Balls

Blowing bubbles are a great way of adding some fun into a photo session. Some dogs just ignore them, but you get a few that love to chase all the bobbles around the studio.


How doesn’t like a fashionable dog! Some of these images are just adorable and got such a modern vibe, don’t you think? Real show stoppers to display on the walls.


It can be fun to work with a theme and something that means something to you. How could you say no to these valentines! Melts your heart.

Creative work

Last but not least, I’ve to show off my field spaniels and my partners work for photography competitions. We actually photographed all these in our dining room, and Charlie has blended and photoshopped all the images.

All these images have been doing very well in international competitions and won medals all over the world. I’m really proud to say I was involved and doing all the dog handling!