that captures your pet’s personality.

The #1 thing that pet owners struggle with is that our beloved pets won’t be with us forever.

Photos are all fantastic ways to capture their cute personalites!


phone – 07503 973460

email – studiosusannephotography@gmail.com


I’m committed to offering individually tailored sessions, concentrating on creating timeless memories – that show personality and cuteness of your pet.

I’ll accommodate you with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere at my studio.

For a studio session, the use of props is available, but I would never force a pet to do anything they are not happy with.

I look at different ways to get exciting pictures – I may ask you to throw a ball – ask your dog to sit etc.


Maybe your family has a special place where you would love to have your pet portraits taken.

Location sessions are ideal for those looking for more informal, natural pet portraits.I’m happy to chat through your location requests; please do this before booking.

*depending on location a milage charge may apply


A Photoshoot voucher is a perfect gift for you or your loved ones!

Are you considering a pet photoshoot?

Well, maybe I can help! You’re a perfect fit if you want a fun, stress-free, and professional experience with beautiful images that capture the personality of your pets.

Here are 3 reasons you need to give a pet photoshoot a try:

It’s fun to see your family together.

You may have hundreds of photos of your pet on your phone, but how many of them are you in?

Don’t miss the chance to capture the moments that matter: the ones when you’re with your pet or your whole family, enjoying life together.

You’ll get different types of images.

Chances are that most of the photos of your pet are at your favourite park or home, and many of the images may look similar.

But in a professional session, you’ll get a variety of shots showcasing that unique personality that you love so much.

Memories are priceless

Photos are one of the best ways to capture and hold onto memories. Our pets deserve to be captured in pictures for us to treasure for the rest of our lives.

Happy memories are an essential ingredient in present happiness!

1. before your session

All sessions come with an email or on-phone consultation so I can get to know your dog’s needs and personality.

Once you decide to go ahead, I’ll get the date booked in.

2. during your session

On the day of your session, we’ll meet at the agreed time and start the fun!

The photoshoot will last around 1-2 hours. Plenty of time to work at your dog’s pace – all dogs are different – some need time to calm down – other needs to gain confidence.

3. after your session

After your photo shoot, I’ll pick out 20 – 25 of your best images and edit them.

I believe in quality over quantity.

Within 14 days of your session, I will book a personal ordering session.

We can go through all your photos, and you can see first-hand the beautiful print product options available.

4. ready for collection

On average, it takes 2-4 weeks for the order to be ready after your ordering appointment.

Once your order is prepared, we can arrange a suitable date for you to come and collect your products. (Delivery available for a charge).


  • Family photo with pet poodle and owner.
  • Group photo of mum and dad and two pet dogs photo.
  • Two cockapoos posing on ottoman photo.
  • Cockapoo sitting in wooden crate photo.


I’m Susanne!

Thanks for visiting.

I’m here to help you capture beautiful photos of your family pet that you can proudly display around your house and enjoy a photoshoot experience without stress.

Does this sound too good to be true? Don’t worry… I wouldn’t get your hopes up for nothing! There’s nothing I love more than a challenge and meeting new people, and having a chat about their pets!

There are plenty of photographers, but I think how I do things sets me apart.

For example, when first working with a pet client, I always want to take the time for everyone to settle in; there is no rush to get started or finish. We will see how your pets react in the studio or on location and take it from there.

ALWAYS when working with my lovely clients, I ask what they like, any colours they prefer or anything special I can photograph for them. Sadly our pets are not here forever, so being able to create beautiful memories is very special.

Have you ever wanted to experience a pet photoshoot but are unsure what to expect? Check out my behind-the-scenes video below.

Photo of Susanne Akerstrom

Session fee

This includes:

Up to three pets per household (£10 per additional pet).

Consultation & Planning Your Session

Photo Shoot lasting up to 2 hours

£30 credit towards any product or package

Studio or Location*

*depending on location, a mileage charge may apply

Photos are purchased separate.

A close-up of a happy Husky with one blue eye and one brown eye. The dog's mouth is open in a smile, revealing its teeth. The plain white background highlights the dog's striking facial features and fur colours.


A collage of six images featuring a Schnockerpoo, curly-haired black dog in various poses on different props, including a cushioned chair, a wicker basket with fur lining, a wooden crate with fur lining, giving a high-five, and sitting on a suitcase with fur lining.


Digital images are perfect for your phone, computer, and social media.

There are no restrictions on how many prints you can make. All images are high-quality, so they are suitable for all types of printing. Plus, a free right for private use comes with every image. And don’t worry about transferring them – it’s a breeze with the included USB


  • Five high-quality Digital images
  • Five 7×5 in prints of your chosen images.


  • Ten high-quality Digital images
  • Ten 7×5 in prints of your chosen images.


  • Twenty high-quality Digital images
  • Twenty 7×5 in prints of your chosen images.



For family sessions you can either come to the studio or I can meet you on location for a outdoor photoshoot. Maybe your family has got a special place that you would love to have your family portraits taken in. Location sessions are ideal for those looking for a more informal, natural family portraits. I’ll create portraits that will be cherished for years to come.

I’m happy to chat through your location requests, please do this before booking.


I offer headshots session for children for their acting or modelling portfolios. During each session, I’ll capture 3-4 outfits with different coloured backgrounds to provide a wide variety of images. I’ll work with the children to capture a range of expressions, from serious to happy, and some personality shots.



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