Pet photography close to Bridgwater, Somerset

Tommy’s Photo shoot

Tommy’s mum and dad were gifted a dog photography session for Christmas, and the photo shoot went ahead this summer, in my Somerset studio.

Tommy is the youngest of the family and hadn’t been photographed before, so this was his day!  His brother and sister came as well and we were also going to trye to get a picture with them all together.  Tommy is a terrier so he  was very quick to pick up what on what was expected.  He become a little poser at the end. Working all the angles, loving all the attention and fuss!  We even managed to get a picture with the whole family together at ther end.

Tommy’s brother and sister are older now, his sister Sky didn’t think to much about all the posing, she was happy to lay and watch. While Biscuit ( hope I remember his name right! )  wanted in on the action and had the longest tongue, but we manged to get a few shots with it in!  Saying that he looks very cute with his tongue hanging out.

I really enjoyed photographing this session and have so many favorites – check out the video above ( you can expand it to full screen after clicking for it to play) to  see what we got up to.