Cockapoo dog photo Somerset

Dog Portrait Photography in Somerset

This cute dog called Molly visited me in my Somerset studio, close to Bridgwater, for a photo shoot. She is a beautiful cockapoo that loves her ball and to dress up! Molly is very smart and picked up in no time what we wanted her to do in front of the camera and got very comfortable in some of the props. Her mum tells me she likes to dress up – I think that shows!  Have a look at some of my favorite portraits below.

I was very interested to find out more about cockapoo – in the last few years they have gotten very popular and been branded “the first designer dog”.

Some interesting facts about cockapoo’s

~A Cockapoo is a cross between an American or English cocker spaniel and poodle. In most cases miniature or toy poodle. The first cockapoo was breed in the 1960’s and when breeders saw the success the cockapoo had, cross-breeding with other pedigrees started.

~Cockapoo can vary in colour. They can be one solid colour or they can have very complex markings. The most common colours of Cockapoos are black, tan, red, brown, sable, cream, white, brindle, and beige. Some Cockapoos have spots or freckles, which is called ticking. They can also have a speckled coat, which means that there are random portions where the colour is diluted. The colouring of the dog has a great deal to do with the colour of both of his parents.

~Cockapoos are Very Smart. Cocker spaniels and poodles are both intelligent breeds, therefore, their offspring are going to be very intelligent as well. These dogs can be trained to act on command, do tricks, and they can be trained very easily.

~Cockapoos is an active dog, they love to run and play and you’ll have long lived pet. Expectancy of a Cockapoo is between 14 and 18 years old if cared for appropriately.