Husky puppy photo

Pawsome Mother’s Day gift VOUCHER!

For mums whose children got four paws and are covered in fur.

The perfect gift.

A pet photoshoot and 3 beautiful 8×10 in prints.

Limited time offer: get the


PET GIFT VOUCHER FOR £99 ( save 45% )


What’s includes;  Photoshoot at studio susanne photography studio, editing, personal online gallery where you pick your 3 favorite images for print.

( Mothersday Pet gift voucher is valid until 10 March 2024.)

Family photos with dog

Here are 3 reasons a pet photoshoot is a perfect gift:

– It’s fun to see your family together

You may have hundreds of photos of your pet on your phone, but how many of them are you in? Don’t miss the chance to capture the moments that matter: the ones when you’re with your pet or your whole family, enjoying life together.

– You’ll get different types of images.

Chances are that most of the photos of your pet are at your favourite park or home. A lot of the images may look similar. But in a professional session, you’ll get a variety of shots showcasing that unique personality that you love so much.

– Memories are priceless

Photos are one of the best ways to capture and hold on to memories. Our pets deserve to be captured in pictures for us to treasure for the rest of our lives. Happy memories are an essential ingredient in present happiness!


before your session

All sessions come with an email or on-phone chat so I can get to know your dog’s needs and personality.

After that we’ll get the date booked in.


during your session

On the day of your session, we’ll meet at the agreed time and start the fun!

The photoshoot will last around 1 hour. Plenty of time to work at your dog’s pace – all dogs are different – some need time to calm down – other needs to gain confidence.


after your session

After your photo shoot, I’ll pick out 15 – 20 of your best images and edit them.

I believe in quality over quantity.

Within 14 days of your session, you’ll receive a personal online gallery link where you will pick out your three favourite images to be printed.


ready for collection

On average, it takes one week for the order to be ready after you pick your favourites.

Once your order is ready, we can set a time for you to come and collect your products. (Delivery available for a charge).

Susanne Akerstrpm photo


I’m Susanne

I’m here to help you capture beautiful photos of your family pet that you can proudly display around your house and enjoy a photoshoot experience without stress.

Does this sound too good to be true? Don’t worry… I wouldn’t get your hopes up for anything! I love a challenge, meeting new people, and capturing your pet’s personality with my camera!

There are plenty of photographers, but these things set me apart.

For example, when I first work with a pet client, I always want to take the time for everyone to settle in; there is no rush to get started or finish. We will see how your pets react in the studio or on location and take it from there.

When working with my lovely clients, I always ask what they like, any colours they prefer or anything special I can photograph for them. Sadly our pets are not here forever, so being able to create beautiful memories is very special.